Foodie life!

My husband suggested I start a blog because of all the food pictures I take when we go to restaurants and photos I take of food I prepare at home. It is mostly meals I prepare from other food bloggers so I will have to figure out how to link to their blog. I am a local guide on Google and constantly review and photograph restaurants and meals and places I’ve visited. So, I guess this is a place where all that can come together. I also decorate cakes, so I’ll throw some of those in here from time to time! Here we go!

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  1. This sounds like a great outlet for cuisine exploration! I love trying new food and restaurants in my city. My only suggestion would be to add captions to your photos. I think you can do it while writing if you click on the photo, then some options will come up and one of them is a caption button (might look like a text box). Thanks! -Em

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