My Favorite Place!

On Tuesday, 9/5 (can you believe it’s already September? Where has the year gone?) I visited my second home the Sweet Chalet! They are the SWEETEST people!

In May, one of my decorator friends at work said her boyfriend had been there and bought her a bunch of cake decorating supplies as a surprise, so I Googled “cake decorating supplies Sanford” and there was The Sweet Chalet Shoppe! Elated, I drove right there and proceeded to spend 2 hours there looking at absolutely EVERYTHING! They kept asking me if I was ready to check out and I said, “No. I’m still looking!” I had died and gone to decorator heaven!

By my second visit, the next week, they invited me to an event and said, “Well, you’re practically family!” I love to go almost weekly and visit and say hi and see the new fun decorating items!

This week when I dropped by, they showed me this and let me try a little on a cracker.

It is an absolutely delightful sweet creamy caramel sauce! Perfect for drizzling on cheesecake, ice cream, cake, fondue, or whatever else you can come up with! It comes straight from Brazil along with it’s sister, below.

Yes, an entire bucketfull! This is the same thing but thicker! Perfect for filling cakes, sandwich cookies, eclairs, and whatever else you can dream up! Who doesn’t like dulce de leche?

Anyone locally can just drive by and pick some up for your next decorating project, or go online or call and have some shipped to you! It is a delightfully decadent sweet!

Sorry, it’s taken me awhile to publish this. We’ve been preparing for hurricane Irma here in Central Florida. So far it’s not bad, but we sure are praying for those on the West side of Florida in her direct path!

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  1. I would love to go here to browse. Whatever I bought would only help me decorate what I would then personally devour! I would still love to go. Maybe when this hurricane is over.


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