Gourmet Lunch

So, we decided to go grab a bite in Sanford earlier this month. It was around 3pm, so it was a late lunch. We decided on the quaint Corner Cafe. Elegant gourmet food at a reasonable price and excellent service!

I had a 1/2 Cuban sandwich and loaded potato soup. No chunks of potato in this smooth creamy soup! The Cuban sandwich was perfectly pressed, though I’m not sure how a Cuban is really supposed to taste! It was a great sandwich!

My husband got Tomato Florentine soup with a corned beef sandwich. He said he enjoyed it too! After lunch, they give you a dessert shot. It was carrot cake this time! Unfortunately, I ate it before I remembered to snap a photo, but it was delightful!

After lunch, we went looking for cupcakes! We had been to a cupcake shop in downtown Sanford a while ago, but couldn’t quite remember where it was. Turns out, it was right behind The Corner Cafe! Maggie’s Delectable Desserts. They have a large selection of scrumptious homemade cupcakes and often have a gluten free option as well!

Obviously, the Orange one is Florida Sunshine Orange flavored and the green one is key lime. The cupcakes were both super yummy, but we both agreed that they could’ve used a little more flavoring. We’ll be going back though! It’s such a delightful place and the cupcake selection is outstanding!

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