So, i finally decided to make my Orange Dreamsicle cheesecake! I used Alton Brown’s Sour Cream Cheesecake and added Guittard Vanilla A’Peels and Orange A’Peels and mixed it all together, and Voila! A little time in oven and it was done! Then it had do sit in the refrigerator for hours on end!

But, oh my goodness, was it worth it! I came back from work the next day and cut the scrumptious thing and delighted in an orange dreamsicle flavor explosion. I had lined the crust with the orange and vanilla A’Peels and then swirled the orange and vanilla into the cheesecake as much as I could. It was smooth and creamy and every bite was orangey!

I took a piece to a friend at work and she said it was the best cheesecake she had ever eaten!

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  1. Fantastic, You showed your skills far beyond what I expected, I will show you a picture via our personal email as to what I had made, yours is far more beautiful, but I am hopping I was on par with flavor

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