A day off together! Finally!!

So yesterday, December 16th, my hubby and I finally got to enjoy a day off together! He’s been on call for several weeks. We finally got a no stress fun day!

So we visited the Epic theater and saw Star Wars, the Last Jedi. 2 1/2 hours long! It sure didn’t seem like it, well except that my rear was going numb from sitting so long! Oh, maybe I shouldn’t divulge that! Because we went so early, 10:15am I actually stayed awake!

After the movie, we took off to historical St. Augustine! It’s only an hour and a half away but it feels like we’re getting away for a little while. Besides, we can’t leave the chihuahuas alone for too long or they’ll get rambunctious thinking we’re never coming home!

We wanted to go to the Gourmet Hut, so we walked over that way and the lady there said dinner didn’t start till 6pm. It was only 2:15!

We wound up at the french fry place for a snack.

The fries were great! The toppings, not exactly what we expected. They tasted good though.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunuty to go to the spice and tea exchange!

I LOVE tea! And spices too!

We walked around a little more. My hubby let me go to The Ancient Olive. I LOVE this store. They have olive oil and balsamic vinegar, all different flavors! I tasted several and ended up with Tuscan herb olive oil and Cranberry Pear balsamic vinegar. The cranberry pear is wonderful on sweet potatoes!

We finally decided not to wait until 6pm to get dinner at the Gourmet Hut. We were just too hungry!

Instead we headed to Barley Republic, the small Irish pub with outstanding cuisine! Been there probably 4 times.

Appetizer was fried pickle spears! And my hubby got leek soup. It was amazing!

I chose the shepherd’s pie for my entree. I usually don’t get shepherd’s pie when we go out because I make it at home, but this was made with lamb, so I had to try it! Sorry people, lamb is yummy!

My husband got ribeye and succotash. He wouldn’t even give me give me a taste! Must’ve been good!

After we finished, we walked by the Gourmet Hut and they still weren’t serving dinner. We would’ve starved before we got to eat there! Not to speak bad of them. It is an awesome place! We’ve driven up to St. Augustine just to have breakfast there and then gone back home. The chef in the evening makes AMAZING food on 2 hot plates. He really does cook in a hut! All the seating is outside. It’s such a neat, unusual place!

We strolled around afterwards and gazed at the Christmas lights.


Merry Christmas everyone!!

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